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Risk Reminder

Dear customer of Sherolex:

Following conditions and situations could effect your profit negatively while you exchange your digital assets on our platform. We strongly suggest you to carefully consider your real financial ability to take a lose under certain conditions.

1. Political risk

It is possible that change of state law, financial directions, political view point and even call of immediate action by governing body could bring unintended and unprepared negative consequences to our operation and most importantly to our customer’s digital assets on our platform. In such case Sherolex will not be responsible for any refund or lost value of digital asset.

2. Technical risk

Digital asset exchange operation is done on internet technology. Because of related programs and software technologies are created and supplied by different parties it is possible that quality issue and continuity issue could effect negatively to our operation and our customer’s experience on our platform. Since it is impossible for our technicians and employees to control the speed and quality of the internet also not being able to check the customer’s hardware, there are no guarantee of continues operation or sending or receiving internet signals in real time. Because of above mentioned technical and internet errors some service or transaction could go slower and negatively effect customer’s exchange process. Besides this there are possibilities of other technical risks such as - investor’s operating system getting infected with virus and - investor’s computer and software getting attacked by hackers etc., Under such situations investor might not be able to make right decisions his or her investment and exchange process could not be completed as anticipated. We want investors and our customers to carefully consider such scenarios and take full responsibility of exchange process. Sherolex will not be responsible for any unintended errors or any damage that has brought by above mentioned technical troubles.

3. Exchange risk

Our price of digital assets could differ from other organization’s or exchange’s price due to different markets and demands, there for we cannot guarantee or offer exact same price as other exchanges. Investors are placing their orders on our exchange using internet terminal and once order is completed it is final and exchanged funds cannot be returned. Our exchange center, members and employees ca not guarantee the profitability of the investor’s trade actions or cannot share the risks involved in digital asset trade. Investor’s proof of digital asset exchange proves "only" investor’s stand and investment decision. Market research and crypto currency related information published by Sherolex, its members and employees are made as an directory or be informative for our customers there for these research info and related information are cannot be taken as financial advice.

4. Force majeure

Following forces are beyond our ability to control or prepare beforehand. These forces are - earthquake, flood, wild fire, social unrest, worker’s strike, war, government intervention, international or domestic sanctions, electricity shortage and internet related technological errors. Such conditions are imminent and impossible to prepare. Under such conditions it is possible that investor’s fund and exchange process could be effected and it is investor‘s full responsibility regarding his or her funds in such scenarios.

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