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Coin Listing Application Guideline

Part I. How to apply new coinlist

To protect investors, Sherolex will evaluate the assets. All coins/tokens to be listed need to meet following conditions, including but not limited to

  • High demanded and well maintained by community or team in various fields such as technology, marketing, application development, etc.
  • Practical technology in real application.
  • Meet the regulatory requirements without compliance risk.
  • Whitepaper and status reports must be disclosed on time.
  • Skillful market value management team, API trading tool, and clear market-making management objectives.
  • Other requirements specified.

Part II. Procedure for listing

Regular Listing

Eligibility Criteria: all standard tokens/coins

Supported Markets: BTC

Procedures regarding regular listing:

  1. Fill out the application form with valid information
    - https://forms.gle/WW2fbHE2RXRqTXG16.
  2. Contact @sherolex314 in the Telegram to discuss the listing details and marketing promotion plan.
  3. List your token on Sherolex
  4. Start the listing campaign on Sherolex

Part III. Explanation of delisting

To protect investors, Sherolex reserves the right to delist any trading pair If it triggers any of the following conditions including but not limited to:

  • The project team disbanded.
  • Major legal issues in the project.
  • Because of the need for strategic adjustment and development, the project operation team actively demands the downline.
  • Serious technical or security problems have not been solved in time.
  • On 30 consecutive trading days, the daily transaction amount was less than $1 thousand.
  • Zero transaction in 10 consecutive trading days.
  • Major deviations in information disclosure.
  • Abrupt bifurcations.
  • There is a long unmaintained technical problem in the wallet.
  • Other matters that are not satisfied with the continued transaction.

Sherolex will make an announcement 3 days in advance of the delisting. Users holding the relevant assets have 30 days to withdraw the assets from the Sherolex.

After 60 days, the withdrawal channel may be closed.