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To our valued Sherolex users (Sherolex token holders)

27 May, 2019

This is a announcement from Sherolex to its users (holders).

The initial roadmap indicated the middle of May, 2019 as the anticipated time frame for the public listing of Sherolex Token. After deliberating this matter however, we have decided to postpone going public for the following reasons:

  1. The overall market recession

The price levels of many of the altcoins that have gone public in recent years have fallen beneath their listing or ICO price.

We have come to the conclusion that this issue is one that applies to the entire blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market, rather than it being due to problems with the individual projects. Thus we believe the market conditions need to be carefully observed before further action is taken.

  1. Plummeting prices following public offering

Even if we were to go public, our forecasts indicate a rapid and severe drop in price, which would result in significant losses for our holders. We have also concluded that recovery from this would require considerable time.

  1. Increasing Value

Sherolex is making efforts to further its services through coordination and cooperation with business partners. More time than was allocated will be required in order for the price to accurately reflect the services that have not yet been implemented.

  1. Schedule Adjustment

The schedule for implementing and developing services that was originally published in the roadmap has been revised. As the time of the implementation of new services draws nearer, the value of these services will be reflected in the market.

  1. The Need for Cooperation in Order to Achieve Mutual Profits

Sherolex would like to sincerely thank its many clients for their investments, which have supported the developments and progress we have made. Nevertheless, we consider it important to achieve a mutual understanding as to why postponing our public offering will provide better service for our users, and help our holders obtain greater profits.

While we are proceeding with the aim of becoming listed on an exchange, we are presently deliberating when the appropriate timing for going public should be. We are also planning several campaigns, including airdrops of new coins. We will continue to give consideration to going public, while hoping for a market upswing and increased activity.

We hope for your continued understanding in this matter.