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【Isolated Margin User Guide】

1. Trading

1.1 Login
Log in to the main Sherolex website at https://www.sherolex.com/. In the menu at the top of the page, go to [Exchange] - [Margin] to navigate to the Margin trading interface. Click [Isolated] in the menu on the right and select your desired trading pair (such as BTCUSDT for example).

Note: You can refer to the [Margin Trading Steps] found in the middle of the trading interface page to learn more about Margin trading.

1.2 Activation
In the trading interface, confirm the trading pair and margin rate, read the Terms of Service, then click [Open Now].

(isolated marginの利用規約の部分)

Enable BTC/USDT Isolated Margin

Transfers, borrowings, and transactions in this isolated Margin Account are limited to this trading pair. The risk will also be controlled in this isolated Margin Account.

BTC/USDT Isolated Margin Leverage 3x

Open Now (button)

1.3 Transfer
In the trading interface, click [Transfer] on the right-hand side of the page.

In the Transfer pop-up window, confirm that you are transferring from your [Spot Wallet] to an Isolated Margin account, such as [BTCUSDT Isolated]. Select the [Coin] and input the [Amount] and click [Confirm].

Note: Click 🔁 to switch between [BTCUSDT Isolated] and [Spot Wallet].

1.5 Trading
In the trading interface, select the order type by clicking [Limit], [Market], [OCO], or [Stop-limit]. Select [Normal] trading mode; input the [Price] and [Amount] you want to buy, then click [Buy BTC].

Note: In the trading interface, you can merge borrowing + trading or trading + repayment by selecting [Borrow] or [Repay] mode when you [Margin Buy BTC] or [Margin Sell BTC].

1.6 Repayment
After realizing profits, it's time to repay the debt (borrowed amount + interest). In the trading interface, click [Borrow] on the right-hand side of the page, just like before.

In the Borrow/Repay pop-up window, switch to the [Repay] tab page, select the [Coin] and input the [Amount] that needs to be repaid, and click [Confirm repayment].

2. Wallet
Go to the Margin Account interface by navigating to [Balance] page at the top of the page and clicking [Margin].

Select [Isolated Margin] and enter a [Coin] (such as 'BTC') to filter the trading pairs. Here you can view your assets and liabilities.

Note: In the Margin Account interface, you can also view your assets, liabilities, and earnings under [Positions].

3. Orders
Enter the Margin Order interface through [Orders] at the top of the page and by clicking [Margin].

Select [Isolated Margin] to view your Order History. You can filter trading pairs by [Date], [Pair] (such as 'BTCUSDT'), and [Side].

Note: In the Margin Orders interface, you can also view your [Open Orders], [Trade History], [Borrowing], [Repayment], [Transfers], [Interest], [Margin Calls], and [Liquidation History], etc.