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【How to use Sherolex Locked Savings Service】

1. Sherolex locked savings can be subscribed to at any time so long as the product quota is available.

Enter the Sherolex website and click on 【Earn】 to find the locked savings product of your choice.

【Locked Savings】can be found on the Sherolex Savings home page.

Here you have the flexibility to customize products based on your needs. You can adjust the following:

・Select product;
・Select duration time;
・View the annualized interest rate;

2. Click on the【Transfer】 button, and the system will require a second confirmation about subscription information.

Meanwhile, please ensure that you have sufficient assets available for Savings. (not in open orders and/or in your Margin account).

Once you have entered the lot amount, the system will automatically calculate the expected interest after redemption.

About subscription information:

・Coin: Locked savings product you are subscribing
・Activity duration: maturation period you choose
・Lot amount: minimum amount to subscribe
・Interest per lot (annual interest rate): estimated interest and annual ・interest rate based on Coin and Duration
・Individual max: maximum lot amount per person
・Value date: interest calculation starting date
・Redemption date: value date plus duration, varies per product

3. After purchase confirmation, the system will transfer the asset from your spot wallet to savings wallet and you can review the subscription in the 【Balance】-【Earn】-【History】page.

4. Redemption

The locked savings products will be redeemed within 48 hours of applying for redemption. Assets and interest will be paid to your spot wallet all together. You can check your asset balance in your spot wallet page.